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Send us a Request and we'll do the sourcing for you!​

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    The Affiliate Program offers a fantastic way to earn money by promoting high-quality tech products. With a competitive 10% commission on sales made through your referral code, you have great earning potential. There are no minimum order requirements, making it easier to attract customers​ (Bootstrap Philippines Inc.)​

    You'll promote top brands directly from official distributors, ensuring quality and authenticity. provides all necessary marketing materials, making promotion straightforward​ (Bootstrap Philippines Inc.)​​ (Bootstrap Philippines Inc.)​. Additionally, both you and your customers get free technical support, ensuring a smooth experience​ (Bootstrap Philippines Inc.)​.

    Payouts are monthly once you reach a ₱1,000 threshold, with options like bank transfers and digital wallets such as GCash, Maya, and​ (Bootstrap Philippines Inc.)​. The program includes a robust tracking system for transparency​ (Bootstrap Philippines Inc.)​. Plus, you’ll receive ongoing support and training to help you succeed​ (Bootstrap Philippines Inc.)​. Sign up for the Affiliate Program to turn your tech passion into a profitable venture!

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    Send us a Request and we’ll do the sourcing for you!


    Send us a Request and we'll do the sourcing for you!​

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      Bootstrap Philippines is a tech start-up focused on revolutionizing the procurement scene in the Philippines.


      Stay ahead of the curve specially in B2B procurement!

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